Our Friendly Environment: The Three Crowns Park Difference

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You’ve made friends all your life. People who lift you up when you’re low. Share your interests and passions. Help celebrate your special moments and achievements. Those kinds of connections are easy within the friendly environment of Three Crowns Park.

It starts with your first visit. It’s more than the warm reception you get at our front desk. You meet a friendly person from our staff who stays with you the whole time you’re deciding if this is the right place for you. And who will be the first to welcome you if it is.

“We went to other places, and [my son] would say, ‘It’s not for you.’ Then we walked in here, and everybody was so friendly! It’s very warm. Now I have my new family!” – Sally, Resident

Those who are new to our community hope to find companions, friends and even dates. They discover a vibrant, accepting group: people who have had successful professional careers, are involved in current and cultural events, and who enjoy their independence and thrive on leading improvements for the community.

So, what is it about friendship that’s so important? It’s not just connectedness; it’s about happiness and longevity.

For more than two decades, Australia’s Flinders University Centre for Ageing Studies has followed a group of 1,500 seniors. It discovered people with a large network of friends outlive those with the fewest companions by 22 percent.

This is supported by a study from the University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center. It reported that people with five or more close friends are 50 percent more likely to call themselves “very happy” versus others with just a couple.

The friendships residents make with the staff always surprises newcomers. Our staff asks about the residents’ lives, their interests, their families and want to know what’s happening. Residents also form personal relationships with Three Crowns Park’s leaders, because their offices are right on the campus.

And if a person moves from one area to another—from independent living to a short-term stay in our hospital—they never feel forgotten. Other residents and staff come to visit.

“I like the attitude here. It’s small enough so we know each other, and big enough so we’re not in each other’s pockets. We’re a community. This really is my home.” – Ruthanne, Resident

The neighborhood around our community also is welcoming. Families and their elementary school children smile and wave. And the people who work at boutique shops on Evanston’s nearby Central Avenue know their names and greet them.

A Community Designed Around Friendship

There are many exciting ways to meet new friends, and, stay in touch with the ones you have.

We regularly ask our residents about their passions and interests. Then we design learning and entertainment experiences around their suggestions. Zumba classes. Brain aerobics. An art studio. Life-long learning opportunities at nearby Northwestern University. Trips to plays in downtown Chicago. This list is seemingly endless.

All of this happens in a relaxed environment, allowing everyone to participate in just the ways she or he wants. It doesn’t take long for people to feel at home here.

“People tell us they enjoy the home-like environment. What they quickly learn to love is having a sense of connection, community and camaraderie. This is part of their definition of an ideal retirement!” – Dennis, Three Crowns Park CFO

Are you ready to pursue and share your passions in a friendly, energizing community that values and promotes your independence? Then talk to us, and the people who live at and surround Three Crowns Park. You’ll find the friendships you’re looking for, and all the benefits these bring.

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Want to know if the friendly environment at Three Crowns Park is right for you? Start an easy conversation with us. Just contact us at 847.905.1234 or info@threecrownspark.org